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So who are we?

First of all we aren't a 'fan club' as such, (although we are 'Official' and we do have regular contact with Marcus) as we don't charge people to join us and we don't send out newsletters and things like that.

What we are is a group of like minded individuals who want to keep up with Marcus' career. Most of us come from a "Highlander" background and the majority have similar views on the current state of our planet and the need to preserve her.

We also seem to have a mutual interest in beer, tattoos and really good music!

We have an electronic mailing list where we keep in touch with each other, exchange news and views, make plans for future events/conventions gigs etc, talk about Marcus, M.E.L.T, the meaning of life, the medicinal properties of chocolate, beer, tattoos and anything else that takes our fancy!

Check out the members page and read all about us!

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