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Ask Max!

These questions were put to Marcus from various MTAS members in our ongoing 'Ask Max' spot.

Date 9/6/98 Date 30/6/98 Date 04/11/98

Q&A session 9/6/98

Q - Do you consider yourself a musician who acts or the other way around?(Andi)

A - Im a storyteller, acting or singing who needs a basic touch with live (maybe to know what Im talking about) - thats my paramedic part.

Q - Your tattoo - what is it? when did you get it? do you have anymore and did it hurt? (mine didn't but I've been told that close to bone it is really painful.)(Andi)

A - The tattoo is a so called tribal, a polinesian Protector-sign. Mine is a dragon and yes, believe me, it had really hurt when I got it.

Q - What's next on the agenda music wise?

A - Musicwise...weve just finished recording our new songs preproductional, that means as a demo for new rec.comp. producers a.s.o.

Q - Any acting roles we might see you in in the near future?

A - Acting in the near future....whatever will come will come, some other bad boy and Ill work on some musical-stuff in autumn.

Q - Is there any intention of releasing the new CD in the UK?

A - CD release in the U.K.
Too bad but it looks like the record company cant manage to get U.K. distribution. So, mailorder...(via MTAS!)

Q - What with the paramedic training, the music and M.E.L.T. , what made you want to get into acting and try for the Caspian part?(Alis)

A - What made me try the Caspian part... the thing itselves, the fact that a dream came true and the fact to play a really weird I weird??

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Q&A Session 30/6/98

Q - The only thing I can think of asking Marcus is if MELT are ever planning to play the UK? And when? Oh, and what's his favourite drink! (Alison)

A - Wed love to play the UK as soon as possible, but it looks like we have to wait till Feb.99.....Birmingham....

Heather Ale!!!!

Q - What's the attraction to Dylan Thomas? How did he find out about Thomas in the first place?! (Kate)

A - It was a friend of mine, a lector in Vienna who knew I was writing and who gave me Dylan Thomas' "Deaths and Entrances" with the words " like this one...".Thomas said many things I wanted to express in words I would have never found, well Im not a native english speaker, but not only that, its also the way he wrote... his very special poetry.

Q - Why are the lyrics to some of the songs on the M.E.L.T. CD and no lyrics for other songs? I really, really want the lyrics to Fratricide! (Kate)

A - Because we were not allowed to print D.Thomas and Tom LeBlanc lyrics in our booklet. Legal stuff. The rest missing is because of a record company who wants to save money printing a 4 page instead of an 8 page booklet. The Lyrics you want to read will follow...

Q - Can we have bios for the other band members too? (Kate)

A - Yes.coming soon....

Q - Um, how personal a question can I ask? ;-) (Kate!)

A - You may ask any question you like, and I may answer...if I like...

Q - Marcus, you said at Chronicles 98 you were wearing the leather bracelet and a crystal because you believed in storing energy (I do plainly agree). What does the Celtic design on the bracelet mean to you? (Isabelle)

A - It is the statue or sculpture of one of my gods, or its appearances, Cernunnos the Lord of the woods...

Q - Do you believe in past and future lives ? If you do, what influence does it have on your present life ? (Isabelle)

A - Yes, I do believe in reincarnation and as you may imagine this has many influances on my live now...what for example...there is no destiny ... you made it all by yourself...

Q - If you could turn back the wheels of time, what period would you like to be living in and why ? (Isabelle)

A - Why turning back?? Id already been there...

Q - How do you feel about the tattoo on your head now that you've grown your hair longer for not frightening the patients ? (Isabelle)

A - Still the same, as usual its still there and its still the sign of my little protector-spirit.

Q - Why are the sleeves for the CD's printed in English when they aren't available here? Why choose English to sing in, and how many languages do you actually speak? (Andi)

A - They are not available cause our german record company couldnt find a UK company interested in distributing the thing...
English is the international language of rock and pop music, very lyrical and nice...
German, English, French...

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Q&A session 04/11/98

Q- I know he is very interested in protecting the earth. What I want to know is why? Is there one certain event in his life that has inspired him? (Raeven)

A - I think it happened within my wood-technology studies, where I understood how far mankind has destroyed our world already. It made me very angry that my teachers didnt react on that fact but still teached us poluting technologies, even wanted us to continue this way without caring and thinking!

Q -Do you remember your dreams, and would you like to share one that you especially remember as being significant? (Raeven)

A- I often remember my dreams, I even study and use them as help in difficult situations.
Please apologize, but my dreams are more or less the last private place I dont want to share...

Q- What are the musical influences behind M.E.L.T. and what do you have in your CD player at the moment? (Alison)

A- Everything you may think of and nothing at the same time.
Every member has another musical background, Arne comes from a very Metallica background, Fred is more the Black Sabbth type. Christian is the noise/brutal-pop influence like Helmet, Sans Secours and my... oh god there are so many different things I like but Im deffinetly inspired by Bauhaus, Peter Murphy, Ultravox, Depeche Mode Cure,and what ever...

Q- Do you tend to associate yourself with a particular figure in mythology? (eg, I find Merlin, Morgan le Fay, Scathach the warrior queen (can't spell) and the legend of Taliesin absolutely fascinating). If so, is there a reason why?(Alison)

A- I love reading fantasy novels and sometimes you may associate with one figure of this book, but no, otherwise Im only associated to the character I have to play and in 90% time a day thats me.

Q- Do you have (or have you ever had) a motorbike? If so what type and if no would you like one?

A- I had one, dont want one anymore... he, Im a paramedic! Ive seen to many motorbike-organdonators...

Q- Do you have any problems reconciling your beliefs with what you see in your day to day life +/or your job? (Alison)

A - Off course, and sometimes its very difficult to find a way to deal with it.

Q -As a paramedic, do you find you have a problem with abuse/violence from your patients (or relatives!). This is an increasing problem in Liverpool. [In fact it is so bad that in the city hospital - The Royal Liverpool - there are armed policeman with guns, c.s. gas, Kevlar etc on guard in the A+E department] (Alison)

A -Yes, we do have similar problems, one more sign to see how sick our society is

Q - Have you become the kind of person you wished to be when you were young, like 12 or 13? (Silvia)

A - I think so...
looks like Im 30 and still 13...

Q - What made you choose to study as a paramedic? (Silvia)

A - My civil service in Austria after Ive finished my Wood-technology- studies. It was very interesting and wonderful to be helpful.

Q - In what way, if any, the Highlander experience has changed your perception of yourself? (Silvia)

A - Well, I became an actor...thats all

Q- We know what you mean for us as fans (and we might tell you, if you ask nicely ;), but what fans mean to you? (Silvia)

A - They are the power behind your idea, without fans were no stars, that means nobody gives a sh...that means you may also stay in bed instead of trying to be creative, burn your instrument and...
No, but seriously, you all ae very important for me because you show me that Im on the right way, and youll give me the force to keep on rockin'

Q- Are music fans any different from Highlander fans?

A -es...but no....

Q- Is there something you wouldn't do for anything in the world? (Silvia)

A- There are a few things Id never do.

Q- Do you ever think of your life in 50 years from now?

A -Not really.

Q- "Since you're such a nice guy, why did they cast you to play Caspian?" (Gulmaram)

A- Who said Im nice??

Q- "What are your views on astral projection?" (Gulmaram)

A- Everything is possible, just a question of meditation...

Q- "What was your greatest childhood dream?" (Gulmaram)

A - To become a singer, than an actor, than a paramedic, than a father and husband, than....

Q- "How do you feel, having the MTAS and being the centre of so much attention?" (Gulmaram)

A - Hehehehe!
What do you think it feels like...

Q- "What was it like to act with Peter Wingfield, what did you think of the guy?" (Gulmaram)

A - You know that we all had a very good time together and even became friends, to play with him is sometimes irritating cause you always have to remember the jokes he did rehursing.

Q -"What's your favourite colour?"

A - black....purple.... natural earth colors

Q- How did the deal for the Modern Prometheus songs come about? Was it before or after 'Caspian'? (Andi)

A -After Caspian, since I gave practically everyone on the set one of my CDs the postproduction-office offered us to compose three songs and since they liked what weve done they took it.

Q - In answer to an earlier question you said that you didn't believe in destiny and we make it all ourselves. Do you mean that our actions in our past lives echo forward into this one or simply that we make our own 'luck'? (Andi)

A - It looks like its both somehow, we have to deal with our karma and make the best out of it.

Q - Also have you ever experienced any 'past life memories' like meeting someone for the first time and feeling a strong connection to them, as if you've known them before? (Andi)

A - Yes, but this is also very private...

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