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MTAS Members

Alis is the one on the right :-)

Name: Alis
D.O.B.: 10th July 1974
Full M.T.A.S. Title: Aide to the Chief....
protecting her from all those men when she's wearing *THAT* outfit
......or should that be protecting the men??
Founding Sister
Keeper of the Leer
Van Driver of the Apocalypse
E-mail addy:
URL if any:
Hometown: Edinburgh
Occupation: Corporate slave although I do get to write HUGE cheques every day - not my money unfortunately :((
Tattoos? Four phases of the moon celtic arm band on my left upper arm in pale blue
Other Interests: Witchcraft, paganism, writing fan fiction, being in Denial
Anything else.... No, I'm really just a young sweet innocent thing...
{editoral note - Yeah *right*!!}

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