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MTAS Members

Name: Andi (Jo-Anne) Sharp
D.O.B.: 30.01.1969
M.T.A.S. Title: Director,Chief Co-ordinator and Founding Sister
Keeper of the Evil Grin
Guardian of the Official Cleavage
Procurer of 'real' beer!
Provider of High Spirits
E-mail addy:
URL if any: You're here!
Hometown: Well I currently live in a small town in south west Scotland called Gatehouse of Fleet but home is Jedburgh in the Scottish borders, (although I was born and brought up in England!)
Occupation: For the past eight years I have looked after a ruined 15th Century Castle. It is run as a visitor attraction so I get to sell the tickets and tell everyone all about it. It is a lovely place - come up and see my sometime!
Tattoos? Well, so far just the one. A small horse on my left shoulder based on a pictish carved stone near Inverurie in Scotland. Feb 98.
Other Interests: I'll get back to this later.....
Anything else.... this too!

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