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Name: beccaelizabeth. That's my real name. It's what David Duchovny called me so it's my real name now.
D.O.B.: 23/08/77
M.T.A.S. Title: I seem to be 'the MTAS oh god of hangovers'. Less of a title, more of a proof of the fundamental unfairness of the universe
E-mail addy:
URL if any: beccaelizabeth's homepage
Hometown: The heart of Norfolk, England.
Occupation: What do I do in real life? ......Real life?
Tattoos? Nope, I dont do long term. or needles.
Other Interests: X Files, though I'm not quite as obsessed with that as I used to be. I list admin and maintain the site and am first sister for The Church of Our Guy David Duchovny
I also build homepages for friends, do graphics, design fonts (only one finished so far, based on the Highlander credits), write fanfic and generally get inspiration attacks.
Anything else.... ummmmmmm.... Richie Lives?

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