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So, just who is
Marcus Testory?

Best known for his role in HIGHLANDER as
Caspian, 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse
in the episodes Comes a Horseman and
Revelations 6:8

As lead singer of M.E.L.T. he also provided the original music for the episode
The Modern Prometheus

Born in Vienna, Austria several years ago he speaks fluent English and French as well as his native German.

He recently appeared on American TV in "Nightword: The Cyber Stalking"

He is also a qualified paramedic and is currently working as such in Germany.

I will *eventually* get a proper bio and this is where it'll be!

(Sorry Marcus! I couldn't resist it <veg>)

© Marcus Testory

Marcus wishes it to be known that he was very young when this was taken,

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