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The reports, the pictures and more.....

On Sunday 28th February 1999 M.E.L.T. played their first ever UK gig in connection with Chronicles 99. The concert was organised and sponsored by MTAS and was a roaring success.

The gig was held at Edwards No8 in John Bright Street and featured an acoustic set by 'Chamber ' consisting of Marcus Testory - vocals and guitar, Ralph Mueller - guitar, Katerina Kranich - cello and Elizabeth Kranich - violin

This was followed by the main 'M.E.L.T.' set with Marcus this time joined by Frederic Hauschild - guitar and vocals, Christian Huhndorf - bass and vocals and Arne Klewitz on drums

It all kicked off at eight and ended 2 and a half awesome hours later with a fanastic encore including an amazing rendition of "Sweet Transvestite" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and the worlds most wonderful version of Goldeneye. OK - we're still getting reports and things together but here is a little something to be getting on with in the mean time.
There will be more here later...

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A few words from Ralph.....

While you're here why not check out Chronicles 98, a Highlander convention held in Manchester, England where Marcus was a guest?

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