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If you click on the linked track titles you'll be able to download a MP3 sample of eh?

(NB: They might take a wee while to load but it's worth it!)

Chamber - L'Orchestre De Chambre Noir

La Danse Des Coers Brises (instrumental)
Maybe First We Die
Pleasure and Pain
Easter Song
Ceremony After A Fire Raid
Another Conversation
Strange Kind of Love
The Ballad of the Half Brained Man
La Danse Des Coers Brises

Price - 15.00

Some old tracks, some new, amazing production.....WOW!!!

Chamber - Pleasure and Pain

Strange Kind of Love
Conversation of Prayer
Maybe First We Die
Pleasure and Pain
Easter Song
Un Verre de Trop
Three Years
Ceremony After a Fire Raid

Price - 15.00

This is brand new folks - a new band and a new sound....

Fragments of a Forgotten Faith

M.E.L.T. -
Snowflakes -
Stillwater -
Harrowed Man (version II) -
This Side of the Truth -
Ceremony after a fire raid (part III) -
The mystery of foreign affairs (version III)-
Fragments of a Forgotten faith -
Nr.1 (live bonus track) -

Price - 15.00

We've only got ONE copy of this left folks and once it's gone there are no more....ever!!!


The cd's detailed below are now sold out however I will be *trying* to get more stock in time for the
'Dreamworker' convention in Bristol, England, in May 2005.
If you are interested in any of the items below please email me and let me know.
This will enable me to judge how many to order and also to let you know once I have a further supply.

Mother Earth Love Truth. - M.E.L.T.

M.E.L.T. -
Stillwater -
Harrowed Man -
Alpha et Omega -
I'm in the back of your mind -
Steps -
Smells like teen suicide -
This side of the truth -
Fratricide -
Ceremony after a fire raid -
Moment in time -
Nr.1 (live) -

Price - SOLD OUT

A Wedding Anniversary - Best of

Sold Out

A Wedding Anniversary -
Monks of the Isis -
Sex & Paranoia -
Ceremony after a fire raid (Part 1) -
The man fron the hills -
Grain of truth -
In my craft -
Epilog -
Age of lies -
Harrowed man -
Atlantis -
Prolog -
To others than you -
All in a week's day -

Alpha et Omega - M.E.L.T.


M.E.L.T. -
Alpha et Omega - (original TV version)
Steps - (original TV version)
Follow my voice - (original TV version)
This side of the truth -
The mystery of foreign affairs -

Kaspar Hauser Komplex


Home is where the heart is -
Political Statement -
Trancemontania -
The union of two -
Dance sur ma tombe -
Yeti der Einsamkeit -
Reiter des Lichts -
Water from the moon -
Live goes on -
Political statement (Hauser mix) -
The union of two (instrumental) -

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