MTAS - Gig Report
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The Offical MTAS Gig report

Sinkkasten 26.06.98

The weekend started for me at 11pm Wednesday when my taxi arrived to pick me up to catch the 11.30 coach to London. I eventually arrived at Frankfurt airport 15 hours, and 45 minutes sleep, later to be met by Andy and Marcus.

Initial hugs over with Marcus ran us to our hotel where I gave him the beer for the boys after keeping a few back for Tori and Jemma, who had arrived a couple of hours earlier, Andy and myself.
He stayed around for a little while then had to dash off to a final rehearsal for the gig.

While Andy and I exchanged gifts Tori and Jemma managed to find Miami Vice in German on the TV which we settled down to watch before showering and changing for a night on the town!

I seem to recall quite a few large glasses of red wine, a very interesting game of darts which seems to involve missing the dart board (and sometimes even the wall!) a great deal but that's about it I'm afraid. I do remember it being tremendous fun thought!!

We got back to the hotel eventually, (Tori cart wheeling down the streets), and finished of the evening by drinking several bottles of beer before crashing out around 3am.


Friday morning arrived rather too quickly, particularly for Jemma, Tori and Andy who seemed to developed an aversion to bright lights and loud noises .......very strange...... After the application of several headache pills each they eventually recovered enough to enjoy a short trip into town and a brief scout around the shops.
For some reason we seemed to cause quite a stir with the locals. Maybe they aren't used to over excited women bouncing down their streets in skimpy tops showing off their tattoos and yelling "SUCK HARDER" at frequent intervals!"

We returned to the hotel where Tori and Andy crawled back to bed for a couple of hours while Jemma and I sat and relaxed prior to the concert that evening.
By 8.30 we were all showered, changed, made up, feeling fine and ready to make our entrance until Sonja, our lift for the evening, arrived in long slinky red dress, red DM's and long red hair and we all began to feel rather underdressed (I didn't wear *that* outfit - I'm saving it for Chronicles )

We arrived at the club around 9.45, dumped jackets and things and positioned ourselves in front of the stage just in time to see Marcus on stage with 'his twin brother', Ralph, doing a short acoustic set. Marcus resplendent in his Royal Stewart kilt, wore specially in my honour! (or so he said )

He really does have an amazing voice and the four of us sat on the floor and let the music and the lyrics wash over us. After half an hour the 'pre-show' was over and Ralph was replaced by Christian on bass, Frederic on guitar and Arne on drums. Marcus switched guitars and I stood up better to appreciate the music

The set was wonderful, a mixture of old and new stuff with a couple of the Higlander tracks and a cover of Ziggy Stardust thrown in for good measure.

You really *HAVE* to see these boys live! They are awesome. The only slightly weird thing was hearing Marcus speaking German during his stints as MC between tracks being so used to hearing him speak, and sing, in English.

He has a tremendous stage presence and uses a lot of bodily expression to add to the music. The four of them seem to have a great time on stage and look like they're having a lot of fun which I suppose is what it's all about.
Most of the time you can't see poor little Arne, (recently voted Official MTAS 'Richie' Clone!) hidden behind his drum kit but he certainly makes his presence felt. That boy sure knows how to beat those skins!

All to soon the set was over and they disappeared back stage only to be brought back out for two encores be load stamping, cheering and whistling. (much of it with British accents!!!!)

WOW! Believe me you have heard *nothing* until you've heard Marcus Testory singing Goldeneye!!

Afterwards we were lucky enough to be invited backstage where we managed to have a chat with the boys and discovered what an Austrian wears under his kilt! (Black lycra cycling shorts actually )
A few photographs later and several drinks later and we had to leave to get back to our hotel :((((((( where we collapsed into our beds, exhausted, slightly drunk, very tired and very very happy!

Early next morning Andy and Boa (who had joined us at the gig) departed for the railway station to be followed by Tori and Jemma around lunch time. I managed to have a chat with Marcus about several MTAS issues and eventually spent Saturday night quietly on the sofa in front of the TV not looking forward to the fourteen hour journey home the following day.

I eventually arrived home at 3.30am Monday after leaving Frankfurt airport at 3.20pm Sunday and started work at nine o clock. I think I managed 9 hours sleep over the five nights, drank enough alcohol to float a battleship and travelled around 1200 miles!

Was it worth it? Would I do it again?

To use a popular phase - "Yes!.... Oh Yes!"

Our weekend can be summed up in four lines:-

We went.
We got drunk.
We had a truly amazing time.
We can't remember a bloody thing!

Andi Sharp - 2.30 pm Tuesday 30th June 1998.

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