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Name: Isabelle
D.O.B.: 13th October
M.T.A.S. Title: MTAS French Co-Ordinator
E-mail addy:
URL if any: none
Hometown: born in France where my body lives but my mind always wanders to remote places abroad. In order to fix this, I do often travel !
Occupation: I work to get money to forget about Real Life and do *almost* what I'm pleased with
Tattoos? Yes, 2 (thinking of 2 others...) 1st one : on my right upper arm. A small one done in January 1992. Black and shades of gray. It's the logo of my favorite rock band, Queensr˙che (...but I love MELT !)
2nd : on my left shoulder blade. A large one done in December 1997. In color, violet, green, blue, red and black. The design is a dragon facing a snake coiled up around a sword.
Plans : 3rd one : Duncan's katana, 4 th : a Celtic design
Other Interests: HIGHLANDER - Rock music - Books - Writing - Traveling - Walking - Martial Arts (especially Kung Fu) - Esoterism - Indian, Celtic and Eastern cultures - Anything that has a weird feeling to it...
Anything else.... Not at the time

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