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MTAS Members
The Ominous John the Goth

Name: The Ominous John The Goth (Generously donated by Boa)
D.O.B.: 16/05/1970: Date of Death:13/05/1983 Date of Rebirth: 13/05/1983
M.T.A.S. Title: Seeing as I can't be a founding sister, can I be a founding brother???
E-mail addy:
URL if any:
Where are you from?: My Mother
Real Life Occupation: ? What's this real life business anyway? But seriously I could tell you... but then I'd have to kill you.
Tattoos? No tattoos, but I do a good line in face paint ala The Crow.
Other Interests: I'm working on it.
Anything else.... I have a long black leather trenchcoat, leather and PVC trousers and a pair of handcuffs (I was told to put that to speak) I also invented the Kimono Dragon-MTAS spelling Komodo [OK so my ears ain't what they used to be... {Ally} Heh Heh Heh]

I'm also organising(?!?) NOCTURNAL, The best convention in the world (Probably) for next November.

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