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Special Announcement

Dear M.E.L.T. Friends, Fans and supporters,

after nearly 6 years it is now official: M.E.L.T. Members will go seperate ways. The Band split up after the Laternenfest Gig on 1st of September 2000.
This was not a thing from day to day but a decision taken by the whole band after a 2 years process. All efforts and attempts to move a step further to get a greater success by getting a new label deal, a management who takes the loads of administrative work from our hands seemed to fail and the musical development of the band stucked after 6 years.
It became more and more difficult to get gigs, in the first 3 years we played aorund 30-40 shows per year and since 1998 we were happy when we had 5 gigs plus when we played abroad shows we had often nearly no audience which was mainly caused by miss management of the regional promoters.
On the other hand we all had major changes in our private lifes getting kids and /or being engaged in other projects for example so that we only rehearsed if we had a gig to play. We came to a point where we realised that the main intention to play in a Band, what is to have fun and musical motivation, has faded for dissapointment, frustration and the pressure to always have the impression that comercial success will cure this what is nonsense because the music as art..
So we took the decision to cease all M.E.L.T. activities and that wasn´t in trouble. We are proud of what we have achieved and anybody from the band will profit from that experience. And who knows may be one day ...........

I want to take the opportunitiy to say a big big thank you to YOU all who supported us over the years. We will let the M.E.L.T. homepage live and we will keep you posted what the members will do musically in the future. And we are still present on many other homepages where you can download our music.

You can still contact us over the e-mail addresses found under contacts. And we will put a part of the last production that we did in June 2000 as MP3 files at the page soon.

In this respect we salute you

Mother Earth Love Truth

A full list of thanks can be found on the MELT website in the 'news' section

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Last updated 16th October 2000