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Penn Wood

On 30th March 1999 the Woodland Trust finally agreed terms for the purchase of Penn Wood.

MTAS have so far raised 165 and the Mothers Torch a further 130 bringing the total to almost 300.
This is a wonderful effort from our small group and I am very very proud of everyone involved.

I spoke to Marcus on Friday evening and he was really pleased with our efforts in his name.....I said we would have to make a trip to visit the wood and he agreed saying that we need to go and visit 'our leaf'!
Needless to say he has christened this leaf of ours Max!

The Woodland Trust are planning a celebration and are asking for peoples thoughts on this... please let me know if you have any ideas. I will let you know what and when it is finalized.

Once again many, many thanks from me, from Marcus, from the Woodland Trust and from the generations to come who will now be able to enjoy this wonderful place for years to come.

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This page was last updated on 18th April 1999