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The parlour

Well if you've found you way here you should already be on the MTAS list. Please don't link to these pages and remember the URL as the only place you'll find it is in occasional messages from me on the list.

OK - Mommy stuff over - what have we got for you?


Mail order CD's



Payment details:-

UK - Cheques made out to MTAS or postal orders to Jo-Anne Sharp.

USA - Checks in US dollars to Kate Chilton. Contact Kate to find out exact cost.

Others - Checks on local currency plus 5.00 to cover bank charges

Writing to Marcus:-

As you may know MTAS are now officially sanctioned to handle fan mail for Marcus. What this means is if you want to send him a letter you post it to me and I then forward it on to him

We also have a Q+A 'deal' with him whereby I gather a bunch of questions together then send him them and he will answer them. We can ask *anything* we like although he reserves the right not to answer.

As you know I sent a 'care package to Marcus for his exams with cards, pressies and messages from us all... he loved it and thanks everyone for their good wishes and kind thoughts. He even gave me a message to give to you!!

OK, I think that's it for now.

Take care and be good!!


MTAS Director, Chief Co-Ordinator + Founding Sister
Keeper of the Evil Grin
Guardian of the Official Cleavage
Procurer of 'real' Beer
Provider of High Spirits
"Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert, lebt sich's gaenzlich ungeniert

"A kiss is just a kiss..... but a whiplash lasts till morning"
Little Spinney
Laurieston Road
Gatehouse of Fleet

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