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I thought it was about time to offer these little beuaties to you again.

They are wonderfully made and my two, which are 5 and 6 years old respectivelty,are still doing stirling service and are in frequent use - as any one who has visited my place can tell you :))

I *know* they come in black and I believe they are also available in brown......

If you want them embossed with the MTAS logo it will cost you an extra 5.00. (I'll try and get a pic of my engraved one up here at some point)

Here goes... Tankards....
basically 4 types

Large 45.00 Small 35.00

Large 35.00 Small 30.00

The above prices include postage within the UK. Postage on any overseas orders will have to be costed individually.

I will need payment in advance on these as the MTAS kitty is a little anorexic at the moment :(( As usual, you know the addy - just let me know what you want and I'll do m'best.