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A message from Ralph

O.K. here are my feelings about the Gig and the Convention:

About the gig:

Very very wonderful and
It was my first ever U.K. Gig and I must say: Beautyful and thanks for coming to see a great concert with Chamber and M.E.L.T.

And it would be so nice when we can come any time to play many beautiful concerts in England.

I was so nervous because I played this gig for a wonderful person (Christine).
In the last four month we had much problems but now all it's all right and I say:
"O.K. I will play this Concert for you, Christine", and at the gig I had so many great feelings.
Thanks to all who give me those feelings. (Don't forget the bottle of wine)

The two songs with M.E.L.T. were so nice and I had so much fun on stage with Fred on the solo from "Snowflakes" and "Sweet Transvestite"


BEAUTIFUL...........that was it, yes!!!!!!!!!

About the Convention:

I had seen that many wonderful things about Marcus. WERE CAN I BUY THIS WONDERFULL THINGS????????

O.K. The convention was nice and it was great to be there and had a nice meeting with Richard and Valentine!!!!!
And the Party at Saturday night was wonderfull. So crazy People!!!!!!!!!!

O.K. what more can I say ????????
I don't know, because the weekend was not long. So many great and wonderful things and then one week later and I'm back on Earth!!!!!!

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